Simple, introductory underwater robot kits for everyone!


What are PVC ROVs? These ROVs are re-usable remotely operated vehicles. Perfect for use in a small container of water, a local swimming pool or even the backyard. They come with all of the components necessary to wire up the underwater robot and they are a great way to grasp the concepts of working in the underwater world.  Ready to explore? We are ready to help! Take a look at our Kits and Classes!  Or keep reading below for more information!

Common Questions

How many kits do I need?  Plan for 3 to 4 people per PVC ROV kit.  One or two people for a Coat Hanger ROV.

Can I re use my kits? Sure they can be assembled and re assemlbed multiple times. Consumables will include zip ties, buoyancy materials and some electrical tape.


Do you offer teacher training? Can you host a camp? Present to home schoolers? Yes! Drop us an email at and we can set up a program to suit your needs. 

I want to add more motors. I want to change propellors. I want to paint my pvc.  We are here to help with technical questions and to help find the parts you need for your ROVs. Email us and we promise to connect you to the right resources and vendors!

How many ROVs can you power up with a 12V source? Two - three PVC ROVs will run off one 12V source for about an hour or more.  12V charging stations may last a bit longer and 6V lantern batteries will power up the Coat Hanger ROVs for more than 8 hours.